Xbox One Gamepad Driver 2.1

As many of you have already seen on my YouTube video ( ) I uploaded 2 updates for my Xbox One Gamepad driver. Now I’ll be talking about what differs from this versions, and when you can be expecting a new update.


The old version needed a LOT of programs to make it work. From LibUSBDotNet to vJoy and x360ce, to make everything work. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I tried to make it less problematic. I was trying to make my own XInput wrapper, or even an XInput simulator (like DS4Tool).

I have like 3 hours of experience with C++.  So you can imagine how much of a challenge that was. My solution was to download x360ce source code, and edit it where it mattered and make it work as I needed. Actually, I made it in a horrible way: from the C++ library I actually connected to my C# driver, so it’s like managed to unmanaged, which isn’t pretty.

It did work, and I was amazed by that. So if that I would remove the need for vJoy and x360ce, now you only needed LibUSBDotNet and my wrapper.

Then Swizzy showed up. He’s an awesome programmer that added me on Skype, and helped a whole freaking lot with everything. He made an installer for the gamepad, which actually installs LibUSBDotNet for the connected gamepads right away, so it’s pretty freaking easy to use the driver now. Also, he actually is the one that gave us rumble on the Xbox One gamepad. Also, he made a vJoy installer…. which I didn’t use in the end due to I removing vJoy completely from the equation. So, props to him. If you want to check out his YouTube channel:


Next Update

Why I didn’t release any update? Because I’m a freaking procastinator that can’t manage his time. Also, I’m in several projects:

  • Futuron -> The game I’m making with my friends, which should launch May’s 9 (which is pretty close, and I’m so f*cked because there’s lots of things to do).
  • Beyong Good & Evil Translation -> I loved this game, and I’m translating it to portuguese. I’ll be talking a lot more about it soon.
  • Unreal Engine 4 -> I’m learning to use it as our next game is going to be released for it.
  • PacMan Tutorial Series -> It’s almost ready, just need to finish editting the videos.
  • Xbox One Gamepad
  • Respond to feedback from the YouTube videos
  • Dota -> Can’t stop playing Dota. I know… I know…
  • Some other projects that I want to start but don’t have the friggin time

And that’s about it. I hope I can release an update this week.

Unity Pac-Man 3D Series of Tutorials

So since like 5 years ago I had the desire to make a series of tutorials on how to make a PacMan 3D clone. Now I actually did it, as you can see on this preview picture.
Still finishing some things and editting the videos, which contain a lot of useful material on how to use Unity and other stuff.
Soon it will be up on YouTube.

Some of the discussed topics:

  • Basic AI, using Unity’s standard Navigation Mesh system.
  • Low-latency Input from player
  • Physics System

Issues with Site

Hello guys!

A lot of people have said to me my site was offline. This was due to some problems with Azure (NOT with Microsoft trying to sue me as some people thought).
I am updating it right now and fixing everything up, but the last database with all my old posts are gone  – at least there weren’t too many.

I think until this night it will be done.

Thanks for understanding :)