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Multi-functional Pet Grooming Bath Bag

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Do you want to keep your cats & puppies calm while bathing or nursing?

Our Multi-functional Pet Grooming Bath Bag was created specifically for people who are bothered by cat bathing. Owning this cat bath bag is the equivalent of owning a free pet salon where you can bathe, groom, and do nails on your cats at home. There is no need to go to the pet salon anymore because the cat will have a stress response when going to an unfamiliar place, which is bad for the body and mood, so bathing it at home will make you feel safe, comfortable, and happy! Be gentle with your cat because he loves you as much as you love him!

Why should you have this Multi-functional Pet Grooming Bath Bag?

✅ Salon Grooming at Home: When visiting an unfamiliar location, the cat will exhibit a stress response, which is undesirable. This shower bag allows your cat to take a bath at home without spending extra money or time. Allow the cat to feel at ease and relaxed.

✅ Bite & Scratch Resistant: There are no gaps in the cat grooming bag because it covers the entire body of the cat. It is scratch-resistant, bite-resistant, and long-lasting. It will keep your cat from scratching you while also keeping her from feeling oppressed.

✅ Breathable & Comfortable: This cat bathing bag is made of soft and breathable mesh that is scratch and bite resistant and durable. It also has great air permeability and is easy to drain and dry, so cats will not be uncomfortable.

✅ Simple to Use: The cat bathing bag has adjustable straps and zippers that are loose enough to be worn on the cat. The adjustable rope can make the cat feel more at ease and calm, allowing you to adjust the tightness.

✅ Versatile & Easy to Carry: The breathable cat net bag is extremely useful. It is useful for trimming a cat's nails, cleaning its teeth and ears, examining pets, or keeping kittens and puppies calm, and it is lightweight enough to take with you when you travel outside.


  • Material: Mesh
  • Size(approx): 45*11*29cm


  • 1 x Multi-functional Pet Grooming Bath Bag