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Pawpy™ Dog Pooper Scooper

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This Is The Pooper Scooper You Have Been Dreaming Of!

The Pawpy™ Dog Pooper Scooper makes cleaning up after your pet more hygienic and convenient than ever before! This genius product allows your pet's waste to be collected with less mess and hassle! Simply scrape the waste directly into the bag and throw it away when full- leaving behind a clean and ready to use again tray! 

It easily picks up dog waste from any surface with no hands!

The foldable storage bin can increase the capacity after it is pulled open and easily deal with unexpected large quantities waste.

The Pawpy™ Dog Pooper Scooper hooks right onto your dog's leash so you'll never forget it.

A Must-have For Every Dog Parent

PORTABLE: Our scooper hooks right onto your dog's leash so you'll never forget it.

EXTENDABLE: Front of scoopers adjusts in size so you can scoop it all.

EFFECTIVE: Remove waste from any surface without using your hands!

TWO SIZES: Small scooper for dogs less than 50 lbs. Large Scooper for dogs 50-150lbs!

**Scoopers come with ONE COMPLIMENTARY roll of waste bags. Packs of Petish waste bags sold separately. **