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Flying Saucer Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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Train your dog with the new Flying Saucer Treat Dispensing Dog Toy!



  • Makes Training Fun: Flying Saucer Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is perfect for training and playing with your puppy. Put treats in the interactive dog toy and allow them to play it by themselves to help improve your pet's IQ. Who says training shouldn’t be fun when you have this simulating dog toy around!
  • Multi-functional: The dog treat dispenser can also be used as a frisbee toy. Aside from having a dog puzzle toy which dispenses treats, your dog will enjoy a good game of catch when you throw this disc flying saucer toy!
  • Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers: Pet owners will love giving the dog treat dispenser toy to their beloved pets! Not only does this training dog toy improve your pets IQ. The interactive dog feeder also helps relieve stress for your pets!
  • Good for Cats too: The interactive pet toy can also be enjoyed by your feline friends! Instead of putting treats inside the ball pet toy, you can insert a bell, a glowing ball, or even a ball of yarn inside. Keep your cats entertained with this new flying saucer toy too!
  • Durable and Safe: This flying saucer pet feeder is durable and safe. It is bite resistant and suitable for pets of any size.


Size: 6.46 inches in diameters x 4.41 inches in height